Von Trapp Farmstead

Mt. Alice Cheese

251 Common Rd
Waitsfield, VT 05673
United States

The Von Trapp Farmstead has been making small-batch, certified organic artisan cheese using the farm's milk since 2009. The Von Trapp family started making cheese in order to secure a sustainable future for their dairy farm which was founded in 1959.  Their small herd of about 50 cows is mostly pastured (they get a little bit of grain) and are always outside.  The farm also raises pigs, which they feed whey from the cheesemaking.  The farm received a Good Food Award, which celebrates producers who combine great flavor with environmental and social responsibility, in 2015 for 2 of their cheeses, Mt. Alice and Mad River Blue.

Sebastian, Dan, and Molly currently produce 4 cheeses: Oma (which is aged 60-90 days at the Cellars at Jasper Hill), Mt. Alice (a Camembert-style, aged 3-5 weeks), Savage (a hard-pressed Alpine-style, aged 8-12 months), and Mad River Blue (blue cheese aged 3 months).  You can find their cheese in our Cheese Department.