Vermont Creamery

Vermont Creamery
Bob and Allison of Vermont Creamery
40 Pitman Rd
Websterville , VT

Vermont Creamery is owned and operated by Allison Hooper and Bob Reese.  In 1984, Vermont Creamery started with 60 goats in Brookfield, VT.  Now, Vermont Creamery works with farms in Vermont, New Hampshire and Ontario and offers their farmers a premium to produce high protein and low bacteria milk, the two most important components for cheese making. The average farm milks about 150 goats of several breeds including Alpine, La Mancha, Saanen and Nubian.  In 2014, Vermont Creamery opened Ayers Brook Goat Dairy in partnership with Evergreen Conservation Partners, L3C.  According to Vermont Creamery's website, "The project’s goal is to develop the farm as a teaching venue for farmers throughout the United States, and provide onsite training opportunities for students from Vermont schools and colleges. The farm would support best management practices for the production of fluid goat’s milk, and support efforts to improve the genetic quality and quantity of dairy goats by offering high-quality replacement stock to the region’s farms."

We carry a variety of Vermont Creamery products at the Co-op.  You can find their products in our Perishables cooler and our Cheese Department.