Tangletown Farm

Tangletown Turkeys
Tangletown Farm Family

80 King Place
West Glover, VT 05875
United States

Tangletown Farm is a family farm in Glover known for their pastured, ethically raised meats. Lila Bennett, David Robb, and their three children raise vegetables, chickens, turkeys, laying hens, ducks, pheasants, rabbits, pigs, and beef cows. The family had all been vegetarians until their daughter started dreaming of roasted chicken. They began to buy more local and organic meats but ultimately decided to raise their own and then sell them to their community. Tangletown’s animals live on grassy pastures outside during the warm months.

Lila says, “as farmers we try to raise all of our animals being mindful of how they would live without us. Our birds, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and guinea hens can go wherever they like, and the pigs and lambs live in pastures between movable fences with movable shelters, enjoying organic grains and whatever they can root and forage. The cows and horses munch clover in huge leased fields, spacious enough that it takes an effort to lay our eyes on them some days. In the end the lifestyle shows; happy animals taste better.”

In addition to selling to City Market, Lila and David have a CSA and sells meat and eggs to their local schools and senior centers.

Here at the Co-op we enjoy their pastured chicken when available and their turkey at Thanksgiving.