Stonewood Farm

Stonewood Farm

105 Griswold Ln
Orwell, VT 05760
United States

Stonewood Farm, located in Orwell, has been in the Stone family for generations and is one of our local farms that supplies City Market with Thanksgiving turkeys.

Started as a dairy farm, the family milked cows for decades. Then, given the difficult economics of dairy production, they diversified into turkeys, building an on-farm slaughter and processing facility, and converting the barns that used to hold heifers into turkey pens.

The turkeys live in five open-air barns. While the farm raised some pastured poultry in past years, after the avian flu scare a few years ago, Peter and Siegrid decided to move all the birds inside where they are isolated from wild birds that can spread diseases including avian flu to domesticated poultry. The last of the cows left just a few years ago and 3 generations of the Stone family now raise 27,000 turkeys for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and produce turkey sausage year-round.