Stone Corral Brewery


830 Taft Rd
Huntington, VT 05462
United States

Stone Corral is a micro-brewery started by Bret and Melissa Hamilton on their Huntington horse farm, Willow Creek Ranch. Bret was a home brewer for 22 years before jumping into the Vermont beer market.  Bret tries to use local ingredients whenever he can, and he aims to brew beer that pairs well with food.  He also focuses on beers that are different from the hop-heavy beers that are already readily available in Vermont.

Stone Corral received tremendous accolades at the 2014 Great International Beer Festival Competition, grabbing a silver medal for their smooth and malty Scottish ale, Latigo, and a gold medal for their velvety black lager/porter cross, Black Beer.  You can find a rotating selection of their beers in our Beer and Wine Department.