Slowfire Bakery

Baked Goods

1211 Ethan Allen Hwy
Charlotte, VT 05445
United States

Slowfire Bakery, which Scott Medellin started in 2010, embodies Vermont's culinary craftsmanship. It exemplifies the dedication to regional and organic ingredients, the willingness to devote sweat and hours to producing something special. 

This is break-off-the-heel-and-eat-immediately bread; it smells as fresh as the plants that yield its grains, and the crust gives just slightly to the air-pocketed center. These are pastries with the requisite buttery flakiness, but also something extra that adds to their deliciousness: a bit of zest from the naturally leavened dough. 

Slowfire offers a little slice of Europe — or many slices, from a variety of regions. There's a taste of Germany in the dense rye breads, a sample of France in the pastries and baguettes, a tribute to Italy in the focaccias and ciabattas. There's even a nod to the American South in the crumbly corn cakes.

Slowfire is delivered to both City Market locations fresh on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. 

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