Rogers Farmstead Yogurt


934 Rowell Hill Road
Berlin, VT 05602
United States

Rogers Farmstead is run by husband and wife, Nate and Jessie Rogers, with help from their two young sons. The farmland is new to them, but farming is in their history. Nate is a fourth generation farmer heavily invested in the resurrection of a vibrant New England grain economy. From the planting to the harvesting and then the milling, it all happens on the farm in Berlin, Vermont.

While they grow and mill their own grain, they also operate what they consider a “micro-dairy.” We carry a variety of their whole milk organic yogurts. Their jersey cows are fed a grass-based diet and are never fed any GMOs.  The girls graze in their pastures all summer long and get to stretch their legs outside in the winter as well. Their beautiful cows are captured in cartoons on the labels by local artist Karen Henderson.

Next time you’re perusing the dairy section, pick up some of their tasty, organic, whole-milk yogurt:

  • 32oz OG Plain Yogurt
  • 32oz OG Maple Yogurt
  • 32oz OG Vanilla Yogurt