Rockville Market Farm / Eric's Eggs

Rockville Market Farm
Eric's Eggs
Fruits & Vegetables
205 Cemetary Rd
Starksboro , VT

Eric and Keenan Rozendaal farm Rockville Market Farm in Starksboro. Eric’s hearty enthusiasm can often be heard from across the Burlington farmers’ market on a Saturday morning. Rockville Market Farm is known for growing great butternut squash (which they sell peeled and cubed in our Produce Department for easy cooking!) and other certified organic produce.  We also have their beautiful eggs in our perishables cooler - look for "Eric's Eggs". The laying hens are pastured on grass during the summer so the chickens can live outside eating bugs and worm. As Eric says when asked about their farm, “What we are is transparent. We want people to be connected to their food. To eat seasonally, and know the growers by their first name.” The farm raises 3,000 laying hens that live in mobile chicken coops on pasture.