4735 Williston Rd
Williston, VT 05495
United States

Pastabilities makes fresh pastas, frozen pastas, pizzas, take & bake pizzas, and pizza dough.  You can find their pizzas and pizza doughs in our Grab 'N Go cooler.  The pizzas are made from scratch and a majority of the pizza dough ingredients are sourced from Vermont. Pastabilities explains their process on their website: "To ensure consistency, each ingredient is weighed to 1/100th of a pound before being mixed in small batches.  We use a proprietary blend of wheat, including a large proportion of premium whole white wheat.  The mixing process is timed, and dough is cut and rounded by hand, again measured to 1/100th of a pound.  Our dough is yeast risen under careful control at 34-38F for a minimum of 12 hours for maximum flavor and antioxidant development.  We then sheet the dough ball, finishing each one with a hand stretch, before adding a measured quantity of tomato sauce and toppings. We bake our pizzas at 600F, which reduces the cooking time and diminishes degradation of vitamins while increasing antioxidant levels."