Champlain Valley Creamery

Champlain Valley Creamery Queso Fresco
Carleton Yoder

88 Mainelli Road, Suite 3
Middlebury, VT 05753
United States

With a graduate degree in Food Science and a background in wine making, Carleton Yoder moved to Vermont in the late 1990s to make hard apple cider.  He now owns and operates Champlain Valley Creamery and makes certified organic cheeses and cream cheese. The milk that Champlain Valley Creamery uses comes from Blissful Dairy in Bridport, VT.  Blissful Dairy is certified organic and also supplies Organic Valley with milk.  Champlain Valley Creamery first started their business by making their Old Fashioned Cream Cheese, which is a soft cream cheese because it’s made without stabilizers or preservatives.  It’s made with cultured fresh milk and cream and is satisfyingly spreadable and creamy.  From cream cheese, Carlton branched out into making soft cheeses and is the only Vermont producer of organic queso fresco cheese.  You can find a variety of Champlain Valley Creamery products in our Perishables cooler and our Cheese Department.

Fun fact: the milk jug featured on the Champlain Valley Creamery cheese labels is an accurate portrayal of part of the cheesemaking process at Champlain Valley Creamery.  To move milk to processing tanks, Carleton lugs the milk in large milk jugs.