Blue Ledge Farm

Blue Ledge Farm Goats by Michael Warren Photography
Blue Ledge Farm Family by Michael Warren Photography

2001 Old Jerusalem Road
Salisbury, VT 05769
United States

Blue Ledge Farm is owned and operated by Greg Bernhardt and Hannah Sessions.  In 2000, Hannah and Greg started working on transforming an old dairy farm into a new goat dairy farm where they now milk over 100 Alpine and LaMancha goats.  In 2002, Hannah and Greg started processing cheese on their farm, from fresh to semi-aged bloomy rind cheeses to harder cheeses aged for up to three months.  While Blue Ledge Farm makes a number of goat cheeses, they also produce some cows' milk cheese.  The cows milk comes from a farm 4 miles away at Scapeland Farm. Greg and Hannah are committed to sustainable practices, from composting bedpack manure to apply to pastures to working with Efficiency Vermont to install more efficient milking machines, cooling compressors, and lights.  You can find Blue Ledge Farm cheese in our Cheese Department!

Photos courtesy of Michael Warren Photography