Health Notes

Herb of the Month: Kava (Piper Methysticum)

In our fast-paced society, we all are affected by stress and anxiety from time to time. Hopping on an airplane or speaking in front of a large crowd are a couple of examples of activities that might have your heart beating a little faster. Beyond a racing heart, stress may lead to muscle tension, insomnia, or even a panic attack. Kava is a great remedy for reducing the many uncomfortable symptoms of stress and allowing you to cope with these difficult situations.

Herb of the Month: Yarrow (Achillea millifolium)

By Cristi Nunziata, Herbal Education Coordinator
Now is the time to experience all of the great medicinal herbs that we carry in our bulk medicinal herb section out in their natural habitats. While our bulk medicinal section is great for making teas and other preparations that allow you to experience the medicinal properties of these plants year-round, it is not quite the same as coming face to face with these great healers.

Sore Muscle Soak

This recipe for a bath soak makes for a wonderful, soothing hot bath after a day spent digging and planting.

Sun Burn Spray

With summer just around the corner, try to avoid getting a sunburn! But, if you accidentally fall asleep outside (it never happens to me, I swear!), try spraying this refreshing and soothing mist over your burnt bits:

Turmeric—Medicinal & Delicious

By Dr. Robert Luby, Co-op Member

Note: While this article discusses the medicinal properties of turmeric, it is not meant as a substitute for proper medical advice. Please consult with your medical practitioner before using any type of remedy, herbal or otherwise.

The spice turmeric (sometimes spelled “tumeric”) comes from the herb known as Curcuma longa, which is in the ginger family.  It is the rhizome, or the underground portion of the plant, which is used in making the spice.  The rhizomes look very similar to ginger root, but with a deeper orange-gold color.  It is this color which imparts the familiar color to curried dishes.