Film Plastics and Gimme 5 Recycling

Here at the Co-op, we strongly believe in reusing and recycling as much as possible which is why we have expanded our recycling options. We’re now offering a receptacle in our exitway to drop off clean & dry film plastics and Gimme 5 plastics! Here you can recycle some plastics that may may not be recyclable* with your residential recycling.

Below are our guides for what can and cannot go into these specialized bins. Please be sure that items are both clean and dry before recycling. For more information, visit Chittenden Solid Waste District, Plastic Film Recycling and Gimme 5

* Note that CSWD does accept clean #5 plastics that are larger than 2"x2" in your regular recycling. The Gimme 5 program is a great way to recycle #5's that are smaller than 2"x2" and things like Brita water filters that CSWD is not able to accept.

Film Plastic Drop-Off

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Gimme 5 Plastic Drop-Off

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