Sales and Specials

Weekly Winners

For week of Sep 29 to Oct 5
Backroads Ancient Grains Granola
Equal Exchange Breakfast Blend Dark Coffee
Spaten Oktoberfest 12 pk
Natural Directions Organic Beans 15.5 oz
Diggers' Mirth Collective Organic Spinach

Co-op Deals Flyer

Market Café Menu


• Tomato Basil Soup VEG GF
• Mazza's Corn & Potato Chowder VEGAN LOCAL GF

• Brown Rice VEGAN GF
• Steamed Veggies VEGAN LOCAL GF
• Miskell's Organic Rainbow Chard with Tomatoes & Ras El Hanout VEGAN LOCAL GF
• Kale with Pumpkin Seeds VEGAN LOCAL GF
• Parmesan Roasted Kossak Kohlrabi VEG LOCAL GF
• Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Brown Butter & Parsley VEG LOCAL GF
• Zucchini, Yellow Squash, & Tomatoes VEGAN LOCAL GF
• Roasted Beets with Maple Mustard VEG LOCAL GF
• Sweet Potato Mash VEGAN GF
• Vegan Chili VEGAN GF

• Misty Knoll Chicken Fricassee with Rosemary Cheddar Drop Biscuit LOCAL
• Kielbasa with Onions & Peppers GF
• Cantonese Tofu with Fermented Black Beans & Mock Lobster Sauce VEG GF
• Tempeh Chickpea Tikka Masala VEGAN GF