Recipes by Ingredient

sweet potato
African Groundnut Stew
Autumn Salad with Spicy Chickpeas
Autumnal Squash Puree
Boniatillo (White Sweet Potato Pudding)
Cider Glazed Roasted Root Vegetable Stew
Curried Chicken Chowder
Curried Sweet Potato Fries
Dirty Rice and Beans, Well Spiced!
Garlic Parmesan Smashed Sweet Potato Rounds
Gluten-Free Curried Sweet Potato Fries
Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Muffins
Hearty Kale and Sausage Soup
Hearty Quinoa Stew
Italian Sausage with Fall Veggies
Jerk-Style Tempeh Stew
Local Sweet Potato Skins
Mama George's Sweet Potatoes and Apples with Pine Nuts
Maple Candied Sweet Potatoes
Maple-Cranberry Sweet Potatoes
Mexican Beans & Rice
Rice Bean Burgers
Roasted Root Vegetables with Hazelnuts, Goat Cheese, and Cranberry Vinaigrette
Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad with Chili Dressing
Roasted Sweet Potato Cauliflower Salad
Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Balsamic Cranberries and Goat Cheese
Roasted Yam and Onion Dip
Rootin'-Tootin' Root Veggie and Black Bean Burritos w/ Basil Tortillas & Zesty Yogurt Sauce
Slow Cooker Chicken and Vegetables
Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges with Jalapeno Sour Cream
Stuffed Cabbage with Roasted Sweet Potato and Quinoa Stuffing
Super Tasty Veggie Burger
Sweet Potato Brownies
Sweet Potato Cashew Soup
Sweet Potato Chocolate Truffles
Sweet Potato Enchiladas
Sweet Potato Ginger Soup
Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Hazelnuts
Sweet Potato Latkes
Sweet Potato Pie
Sweet Potato, Apple, and Carrot Soup with Roasted Chickpeas
To "Root For" Vegetable Lasagna
Veggie Fritters
Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Mini Marshmallows
Whole Wheat Pasta with Garlicky Kale Pesto
Winter Root Pancakes (From Vermont Farm to Table Cookbook)