Recent City Market News

An Eye Towards the Co-op's Future

By Clem Nilan, General Manager

Hot off the press… We’ve been working these past few months with a co-operative consultant to consider opportunities for a second store. You might remember that back in early November, some of our staff members were in the Co-op’s exitway gathering customer data. This was but one small piece of our market study. We’ve just received the results of that study evaluating our second store opportunities. What you’ll read below is the rationale for our considerations:

Great News from Blue Heron Farm!

By Meg Klepack, Outreach & Local Food Manager

Last month we wrote about Christine and Adam Bourque’s attempts to buy their first farm to continue producing eggs and veggies up on Grand Isle.

Thanks to the generosity of many of our members, customers, and broader community, The Vermont Land Trust let us know in mid-January that we’ve helped them meet the goal of raising $80,000! Plans can now move forward for the permanent conservation of the property, and it will soon be sold to Adam and Christine at an affordable price. Blue Heron Farm will remain available for agricultural use and family farming for generations to come – and City Market customers will continue to enjoy Adam and Christine’s fresh organic eggs and vegetables. For more information about the Blue Heron project, or the broader work of the Vermont Land Trust (whose work has conserved more than 725 farms in Vermont to date!), visit

Business That's Good for Everyone


In tiny little Rochdale, England, a group of people formed a grocery co-op as an affordable alternative to the company store.  When the co-op store first opened over 150 years ago, it sold a mere seven items, but it started a whole new way of doing business based on fairness and concern for local communities.

Today, cooperatives exist all over the world as a different way to offer goods and services that people want and need.  Cooperation is such a powerful positive force that the year 2012 has been designated the International Year of Cooperatives by the United Nations, in recognition of the influence of cooperatives worldwide.  The cooperative community will be celebrating together this year, and two such cooperatives---one in Spain, the other in the UK---are interesting examples of what co-ops can accomplish and how they can thrive.

Crop Damage Provides Opportunity To Try New Things

Both California and Florida (key growing areas during the winter months) have been hit hard by cold and freezing temperatures in recent days. This has had a huge effect on supplies of many key items including kale, cucumbers, zucchini, strawberries and several other items.

Produce Department Updates

Check out these items in the Produce Department:

  • An array of citrus! Everything from Grapefruits to Satsuma Mandarins
  • Deep Root Cultured Vegetables 7oz pkgs - Grated Beets, Grated Carrots, Daikon With Ginger, Red Cabbage and Sauerkraut
  • "Biker Dude" Hawaiian Ginger, Turmeric and Galangal
  • Vermont Cranberry Co. Cranberries
  • Pete's Greens Sunflower & Mixed Shoots
  • Urban Greens Microgreens

City Market Donates $8,900 to COTS

City Market General Manager Clem Nilan presents the check to COTS Executive Director Rita Markley

The Co-op's 14th annual COTS Tree Sale was a tremendous success. Over 650 trees were wrangled thanks to the many Co-op members and volunteers who helped out. The proceeds from the sale and donations made by customers totaled $8,900, which we hand-delivered last week to the organization’s new administrative building at 95 North Ave. While there, Executive Director Rita Markley gave us a tour of their new facility, which includes offices for their Housing Resource Center and COTS family services. We continue to be humbled by the work performed by COTS, especially as it relates to keeping children in our community fed. You can read more about this donation here. To learn more about COTS and to make an additional contribution, visit

What new-to-you food are you interested in trying this year?

Food Poll Wordcloud

We asked and you responded! From the looks of it, 2012 is going to be a pretty adventurous year in the kitchen! Last week we wondered, of all the foods that are new-to-you, which one do you want to try eating more of this year? The answers ranged from microgreens to dried beans, and one clear favorite bubbled to the top: umami paste!

Beer Connoisseurs Delight

Many folks have been on the look out for The Alchemist's incredibly well-received double IPA, Heady Topper. This mystical brew graced our shelves for a brief moment, but they've sold so much at their Waterbury cannery that we haven't received more. To tide you over until our next delivery, try these new items!

Update on Classes at the Co-op

By Meg Klepack, Outreach and Local Food Manager

As anyone who has tried to sign up for a City Market class in the past few months has noticed, our classes are overwhelmingly popular. In the past few years, we’ve increased our class offerings and have been able to reach more members of our community with food and herbal education each month – last year we saw the number of class participants grow 41%!

The popularity of our classes also leads to some increased costs and some concerns about folks signing up, but not showing up, for classes. In an effort to address these issues, we’re making a few changes starting with our February classes.

Cooperatives, Peace and Hunger

By Clem Nilan, General Manager

My wife and I received many lovely cards this holiday season wishing for peace on earth. Peace has been elusive on this planet. On the global scale, the United Nations main purpose is to keep peace throughout the world. The United Nations designated 2012 as the “International Year of Cooperatives,” honoring co-ops’ important role in promoting peace through social responsibility and caring for others.