Recent City Market News

Rice at One Month

When we last reported on City Market’s pending supply of local rice, the paddies were still a twinkle in the eye of farmer Erik Andrus.


Board Notes: July 2011

After a year and a half of work, the Board is thrilled the most recent balloting period saw approval of our resolution in favor of a revision of the Co-op’s By-Laws. These By-Laws are one of the foundational documents of the Cooperative, and they represent the agreements that the members make with each other.

Customer Comment: Electric Car Charging

Dear City Market,

I notice that you have an electric car charger in your parking lot. Can you tell me about this charger and what heads it uses (various ones charge cars at different speeds)?

Thanks, Driving Electric



Highlights of a Productive Year

Our Co-op operates on a July 1 through June 30 fiscal year, so it's a good time to look back and summarize the past year. Our sales this year surpassed the $30 million milestone. Among non-chain co-ops, we are the second largest in sales in our national co-op organization, the NCGA. This is a remarkable feat considering Burlington is a very small city. Sales growth came in at 5% over the prior year which is very respectable performance in a recession. And once again, our Co-op did an excellent job controlling costs.


Composting in the Cafe

As a continuation of our efforts to reduce our contribution to the waste stream and our environmental impact as a whole, City Market recently began an in-store composting effort in our Café area by providing a container dedicated for food scraps only.


Change for Local Non-Profits

Check out our Change for Local Non-Profits page for the latest info.

In May, we surveyed readers to ask about their thoughts on potential changes to our 5 cent bag refund.


Did You Visit Us at Expo?

City Market partnered with the Intervale Center to exhibit at the Vermont Business & Industry Expo at the Sheraton in May.


Way to Go! Week Winner

In our May newsletter, we mentioned our Jamis bike raffle in conjunction with Way to Go! Week, May 16 - 20. Whose name did we pick? 

Preserving the Harvest

By Caroline Homan, Food Education Coordinator
This summer, we’re excited to offer a full program of food processing and food preservation classes in collaboration with the Burlington Schools Food Service. We’re teaming up for a full afternoon and evening’s worth of work, fun, and learning about local food in one place for people who want to come to some or all.

Green Light for the Co-op

By Jason Maring, Assistant Director of Operations
Last year, City Market harnessed the power of the sun, working with groSolar to install 136 roof-top solar panels. This year, we focused on the green benefits of changing our in-store lighting.