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Name That Flower

Garden map

Customers often ask about the beautiful plants growing in our gardens. We now have a handy map, put together by our talented garden coordinators, Bonnie and Brian.

Cider Donuts Have Arrived!

Cider Donuts

A perennial favorite has returned - cider donuts from Shelburne Orchards! Check out these harvest season treats in the Produce Department or make a special trip down to the apple orchard to get them hot and fresh.

Check Out the New Displays in Bulk

New Bulk Fixtures

Next time you're in the market, you may notice a new look in our bulk liquid and nut butter area. We've installed brand new fixtures to hold the various dispensers and have switched from the big buckets of nut butters to four slick grinding machines. Most of the dispensers are now at eye level and have wider spigots, so all-in-all, we think the new layout will be easier to use. Plus, a specialized tank for honey will gently warm the honey for optimum flow from the tank to your container.

Here are a few FAQs about the new layout, but if you have any questions, always feel free to ask one of our friendly staff members in Bulk. Happy shopping!

Pulling Together After Tropical Storm Irene

By Clem Nilan, General Manager

In the wake of Hurricane Irene’s devastating floods last week, Vermont food co-ops immediately began sharing information with each other to assess the damage and offer assistance. Each of the co-ops I spoke with or read about reported the same story – a severe impact on local growers and farmers. The food co-ops themselves escaped relatively unscathed with the exception of Brattleboro whose primary store was shut down for a day and second store was badly flooded.

Irene's Impact: How Can I Help?

In the wake of Tropical Storm Irene, many are asking what they can do to help. While there are many ways beyond what we’ve listed here these are several resources we’ve used that have up to date information on planned events and needs for donations and volunteers:

Healing in Brattleboro

By Clem Nilan, General Manager

The Onion River Co-op staff and members were saddened, shocked and heartbroken by the tragic event on August 9 that took the life of Brattleboro Co-op’s Michael Martin.

On behalf of all of our City Market members, we extend our love, concern and sympathy to Michael’s familyand the families of all involved as well as the Brattleboro Co-op’s staff and the greater Brattleboro community. On behalf of our staff and members, we are honoring the request of Michael Martin’s family to donate a memorial gift to the Waterbury Area Food Shelf.

Despite the tragedy in Brattleboro, we reaffirm our belief in cooperation, that by working together we can make this world a better place. While we cannot insulate ourselves from setbacks, grief and hardship, I’ll share with you sage advice from my friend, Gail Graham, who is General Manager of Mississippi Market in Minnesota. Gail says, “After the events of last week, the best we can do to regain our center is hug our partner, our cat, our dog just a little tighter, and let people in our lives know we love them.”

Irene's Impact on our Local Vendors

Several of our local producers and farmers have suffered setbacks due to Hurricane Irene with many losing equipment and/or inventory. Here are some products where you may notice supply issues affecting our shelves:

September's Change for Local Non-Profits

In light of the recent devastation across our state from Tropical Storm Irene, September's reusable bag donations will go to the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund. For each bag you reuse at the Co-op, we’ll donate 5 cents to relief efforts. Created by the United Ways of Vermont in cooperation with the Vermont Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster and Vermont Emergency Management, the fund is used specifically for long term recovery. Expenditures from the fund will be used 100% for the unmet long term needs of those affected by Irene. For more information on the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund, or to donate directly, go to

Last month, we raised $1,168.95 for the South End Arts and Business Association (SEABA), just in time for their annual Art Hop.

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New Item: Mamma Chia

  • Mamma ChiaOrganic fruit juices w/ “suspended” chia seeds and lightly sweetened with agave nectar
  • USDA Organic
  • 2000mg of Omega-3’s per bottle (naturally occurring from the chia seeds)
  • 10g of fiber and 4g of protein per bottle
  • Only 110 calories per bottle
  • Gluten Free and Vegan
  • Mamma Chia is a certified B Corporation
  • Donate 1% of their gross profits to farmers, community groups and organizations committed to building healthy local food systems

We’re carry 3 flavors: Blackberry Hibiscus, Cherry Lime, and Raspberry Passion. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Apples Top the "Dirty Dozen" List: Vermont Growers Respond

By Caroline Homan, Food & Nutrition Education Coordinator

Apples and cratesThis June, the Environmental Working Group released its latest Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce, better known as the “Dirty Dozen."

The shocker this year? Apples scored the number one spot.

98 percent of the apples in the study tested positive for pesticides; 92 percent for multiple pesticides.

With apple season upon us, I spoke with three apple growers to get their feedback about what exactly the federal “Dirty Dozen” list means for consumers of locally-produced apples. Should we hesitate before reaching for that ripe red apple dangling from the tree? Nick Cowles from Shelburne Orchards, Ezekiel Goodband, orchardist for Scott Farm in Dummerston, and Bill Suhr from Champlain Orchards responded to my questions about their growing practices.