Recent City Market News

A Season for Introspection

By Clem Nilan, General Manager

The winter holidays are a special time to connect with those we love. The shortening days and longer nights make this an introspective season - a great time to enjoy a good book, to try out a new comfort food, and to be thoughtful. It's an especially appropriate time to remember those in our community who go through each day in hunger and need.

Produce Department Gets an Upgrade

New Produce Cooler

We're sending a big thank-you to our customers this week for their patience as we made a few improvements to the Produce Department. We installed three brand new coolers for vegetables, herbs, and tofu. The layout in Produce has remained the same, but we think the taller coolers will make it easier to find what you're looking for. They're also significantly more energy efficient than our previous cases, which will help us lower our energy costs and further shrink our carbon footprint.

Leave Room for Pie!

Round out your T-day meal with a perfect pie from one of our local bakeries! Starting this Friday, Champlain Orchards 9" apple pies are on sale for $10.99! We'll have plenty of pumpkin pies from Red Door and Vermont Gluten-Free, too. And don't forget about toppings! We're well stocked with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

Take the 3SquaresVT Challenge

Please Join Hunger Free Vermont & Take the 3SquaresVT Challenge this November

Learn first-hand what it is like to try to make ends meet on a limited food budget!
WHEN: November 13 – 19 as part of National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week
WHERE: In your community, grocery store, and kitchen

Food Insecurity Across Generations

Faye Conte, 3SquaresVT Advocate, Hunger Free Vermont

As fall turns to winter and Thanksgiving approaches, families and friends gather to share meals and celebrate. Amidst this celebration, hunger continues to rise in Vermont, and many populations are vulnerable to its effects. Nearly 14% of all Vermont households are food insecure and older Vermonters, age 60 or more, are a rapidly growing portion of this population. Senior hunger has risen nearly 70% in the last ten years. At a time in life when good nutrition is critical to maintain health and independence, many seniors living on fixed incomes are unable to afford fresh, healthy foods. 

Since Tropical Storm Irene

Clem Nilan, General Manager

Since tropical storm Irene, my Saturday morning visits to the Burlington Farmers’ Market have become bittersweet. While there are still plenty of familiar faces, noticeably absent are all but one Intervale farmers whose seasons were rudely cut short by disastrous flooding. Gone for the season are Adam’s Berry Farm, Pitchfork Farm, Diggers’ Mirth, Arethusa Farm, and Half Pint Farm with only Stray Cat Flower Farm still able to sell her gorgeous bouquets.

Make no mistake, our Co-op depends upon the Intervale. Our relationship with the Intervale goes back decades. Much of the local produce in our Co-op comes from these farms. Last year we purchased over $140,000 in produce from 3 Intervale farms. This year the total dropped to $83,000. Total losses in the Intervale from the storm are now topping $750,000. The economic impact is devastating. What friends do when friends get in trouble is to step up, so we’re making sure that these farmers receive our support in these trying times.

Gluten-Free Options Expand to Deli Sandwiches

We've heard from many of our gluten-free customers that they'd like a GF bread option at our Deli Sandwich Counter. You spoke, we listen: We now offer sandwiches on Rudi’s Whole Grain Gluten-Free bread! Note that we can only offer half sandwiches due to the smaller bread size from Rudi's.

New Look for Meat & Seafood

Last week, you may have noticed some changes happening in the Meat & Seafood Department. We were busy installing a brand new case to hold our fresh seafood cuts plus other goodies. The new case is a little taller than our old one, but it's still easy to chat with our friendly staff if you have questions or are in to pre-order your Thanksgiving turkey (which you can also do online). Thanks for your patience during the renovation!

Our Favorite Apples for Pie

Autumn is an exciting time in our Produce Department as we start to see a huge variety of local apples. Customers often ask which apples are best for different purposes, from baking in pies to packing in lunch boxes. Today we offer a couple of suggestions for using in your next pie:

It's Time to Vote!

Active Shareholding Members, don't forget to vote for your Board of Directors. Voting is online this year! Detailed instructions were mailed earlier this month. Find more information and detailed candidate statements here.