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Farm to Plate: Vermont’s 10 Year Plan for Strengthening Local Food

How can Vermont build strong local food systems, create jobs in the food and farm economy, and improve access to healthy local food? The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund has laid out an impressive road map for the next 10 years of agricultural development with January’s release of the Farm to Plate Strategic Plan.

Access to Regional Seafood

By Clem Nilan, General Manager
City Market was honored to be invited to attend the New England Food System Summit held in late March in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Signs of Spring – Sign Up for Your CSA!

Spring’s the last chance to sign up for your season’s worth of fresh local food from the 29 CSA farms that operate in Chittenden County.

12 New Food Co-ops and Groups Receive Howard Bowers Day Grants

The Howard Bowers Fund of the Cooperative Development Foundation is pleased to announce $10,000 in grants to new and about-to-open food co-ops and groups organizing food co-ops across the country.  

Vermont Restaurant Week: April 29 - May 5

Last year's inaugural Vermont Restaurant Week was such a huge success that Seven Days is bringing it back for 2011, and City Market is once again a proud sponsor. This year's celebration is April 29-May 5 — 2 weeks earlier than last year, to give local restaurants a much-needed shot in the arm during Mud Season. We hope you'll agree that Vermont Restaurant Week is the perfect way to usher in spring.

Red Hen’s Local Bread – at City Market and on Sale in April

By Randy George, Owner of Red Hen Baking Co.
Since the end of last summer, I’ve been talking a lot about the high quality wheat that was grown in Vermont last year. Well, not only is it great wheat but there is a whole lot of it. Gleason Grains and Nitty Gritty Grains (Aurora Farms) are faced with a problem that we only could have dreamed of a few years ago:  what to do with all of this great wheat.

Eating Well on a Budget

Throughout the month of April, if you would like to schedule a tour for yourself or a group at City Market, please contact Caroline Homan at 861-9731 or

Recipe Substitutions: Ramps, Chives, Scallions, Spring Onions, Garlic Scapes

By Caroline Homan, Food Education Coordinator
Nothing will quite jolt your taste buds from their winter slumber than that first bite of wild leek – ramps – in the spring.

To me, the experience is olfactory, as well: Whether you dig them up yourself in moist, woodsy areas or pick them up at City Market via a local forager, they have a pungent, garlicky aroma that wafts from them and speaks to their fresh, fleeting quality.

More in the Cheese Department

Try Maplebrook Farm's Handmade Burrata. It is an old-world style, cream-filled, hand-pulled mozzarella that is excellent used in a variety of ways. (One of our favorites is to pair it with fresh tomatoes, basil, and baquette. Heaven.) Maplebrook Farm is located in Bennington, Vermont. Their burrata, a true Italian delicacy, is produced by their master craftsman from Puglia, Italy.

In the Cheese Department

Try Twig Farm's raw milk "Fuzzy Wheel" cheese. It's flavor is rich, earthy, and complex. A real stunner of a flavor! Fuzzy Wheel is a very seasonal cheese, being made only in the early spring months from a mix of Twig Farm’s raw goat’s milk and with raw Jersey cow’s milk from Animal Farm in nearby Shoreham. (The cow's milk is left over from their butter-making process. It therefore has a fat content of approximately 2% - ie. partially skimmed.)

Twig Farm is in W. Cornwall, Vermont. We're thrilled to have their cheese available! Learn more about their farm: