Recent City Market News

New Water Bottles

In Aisle 5, we have U-Turn 2 Tap's Stainless Steel Bottles in 27oz and 16oz sizes. Sweet!

New Grains at the Co-op

Check out the new grains from Earthly Delights we carry in Aisle 2. Wheat Berries, Farro, and Quinoa- oh my!

New in the Meat & Seafood Department

Just in time for Eat Local Week, more local meat and poultry options:
Rockville Market Farm's pasture-raised local chickens from Starksboro and fresh local pork cuts from Sugar Mountain Farm in West Topsham!

Realigning with Our Values

A Message from Clem Nilan, General Manager:
I wanted to keep you up-to-date on some changes we’ve initiated in the Marketing Department.

Harvesting Close to Home

Most of you are probably familiar with the “three sisters” companion planting technique, where corn, beans, and squash are planted together on a mound to reap mutually beneficial rewards. The corn provides a natural support for the beans, which love to climb toward the sun. The beans, in turn, have nitrogen-fixing bacteria living on their roots that supplement the soil. This makes corn happy, because it requires lots of nitrogen to grow! Finally, squash is planted around the base of the mounds. As it vines out along the ground, the squash’s large, flat leaves act as a living mulch, keeping the soil moist and weeds in check. Its prickly vines also help deter pesky animals.

Mothering Mother Bags are at the Co-op

Looking for an alternative to plastic bags when you're shopping for bulk products? Check out the new reusable cotton bags with a hook and loop closure from Mothering Mother in our Bulk Department. We have: Large Bulk Bag 3ct, Small Bulk Bag 3ct, and Mini Bulk Bag 5ct sets available.

Hooray, New Local Products!

On top of all the wonderful local produce we have, we welcomed the following new Local and Vermont Made products to our shelves recently!

New Wellness Items

City Market’s Wellness Department now carries 2 varieties of Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap:  Lavender and Lemon Verbena.  You requested it, we made it happen!

New in Aisle 1: To-Go Ware

Our favorite food carriers are now available at the Co-op. To-Go Ware is clever, sensible, and reusable! Look for stainless steel tiffins—2 and 3 tier, and bamboo utensil sets.

New Grocery Item in Aisle 1

Try out Dandies Vegan Marshmallows. Yum!