Recent City Market News

When Is My Next Equity Payment Due?

Allison Weinhagen, Director of Member Services

Many of our active shareholding members pay $15 in equity each year until they reach their full share of $200. In order to be considered an “active” shareholding member for purposes of voting, member-worker discounts, and the Patronage Refund, a member’s equity needs to be current.

One way to know when your equity is due is to look at your Co-op receipt. At the top, next to your name, it should read “PIF” if your equity is Paid In Full. Otherwise, it will list the date that your next equity payment is due. In a few cases of long last or first names, this information may not show. Oftentimes, your cashier will also remind you if your equity due date is arriving soon.

In the interest of more convenient equity reminders, we’re making some improvements!

Patronage Refunds Are Here!

By Jennifer Kennelly, Director of Finance

Patronage checks for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011 were issued November 10, 2011. We are pleased to announce that the Co-op made a net profit before taxes and patronage of 6.8%.

Apple Ciders Are Here!

Need to indulge a craving for fall cider? We have several varieties in-stock now in our Grocery, Produce, and Beer & Wine departments!

Half gallons of Cold Hollow Apple Cider, Champlain Orchards Cranberry Apple Cider, and Champlain Orchards Vermont Apple Cider (in our Peri cooler, near the milk)

Shelburne Orchards Ginger Jack (in our Produce department)

Bamboo Bottle Company

Bamboo Bottle CompanyIn Aisle 6, you'll find a new water bottle from Bamboo Bottle Company. It's a dishwasher-safe glass bottle with a unique covering made of bamboo, a renewable resource. The whole thing disassembles easily for cleaning. It's a stylish way to reduce consumption of disposable bottles!

City Market Diverts 1% to Intervale Farmers

Donation to Intervale Recovery Fund

During the first two weeks of September, we successfully collected over $13,000, a combination of 1% of sales and donations made by individual shoppers, all of which will be directed to the Intervale Center Farmers' Recovery Fund. “Our staff and patrons care deeply about the farmers down in the Intervale,” says our General Manager, Clem Nilan. “We rely on them to produce fresh, local food year after year, and we’re happy to be in a position to provide community support when they need it most.”

Read more about this donation here. To contribute directly to the fund or find out about more benefit fundraisers coming up, visit

Name That Flower

Garden map

Customers often ask about the beautiful plants growing in our gardens. We now have a handy map, put together by our talented garden coordinators, Bonnie and Brian.

Cider Donuts Have Arrived!

Cider Donuts

A perennial favorite has returned - cider donuts from Shelburne Orchards! Check out these harvest season treats in the Produce Department or make a special trip down to the apple orchard to get them hot and fresh.

Check Out the New Displays in Bulk

New Bulk Fixtures

Next time you're in the market, you may notice a new look in our bulk liquid and nut butter area. We've installed brand new fixtures to hold the various dispensers and have switched from the big buckets of nut butters to four slick grinding machines. Most of the dispensers are now at eye level and have wider spigots, so all-in-all, we think the new layout will be easier to use. Plus, a specialized tank for honey will gently warm the honey for optimum flow from the tank to your container.

Here are a few FAQs about the new layout, but if you have any questions, always feel free to ask one of our friendly staff members in Bulk. Happy shopping!

Pulling Together After Tropical Storm Irene

By Clem Nilan, General Manager

In the wake of Hurricane Irene’s devastating floods last week, Vermont food co-ops immediately began sharing information with each other to assess the damage and offer assistance. Each of the co-ops I spoke with or read about reported the same story – a severe impact on local growers and farmers. The food co-ops themselves escaped relatively unscathed with the exception of Brattleboro whose primary store was shut down for a day and second store was badly flooded.

Irene's Impact: How Can I Help?

In the wake of Tropical Storm Irene, many are asking what they can do to help. While there are many ways beyond what we’ve listed here these are several resources we’ve used that have up to date information on planned events and needs for donations and volunteers: