Recent City Market News

In the Cheese Department

Try Twig Farm's raw milk "Fuzzy Wheel" cheese. It's flavor is rich, earthy, and complex. A real stunner of a flavor! Fuzzy Wheel is a very seasonal cheese, being made only in the early spring months from a mix of Twig Farm’s raw goat’s milk and with raw Jersey cow’s milk from Animal Farm in nearby Shoreham. (The cow's milk is left over from their butter-making process. It therefore has a fat content of approximately 2% - ie. partially skimmed.)

Twig Farm is in W. Cornwall, Vermont. We're thrilled to have their cheese available! Learn more about their farm:

Potassium Iodide & Radiation

The current crisis at Japan's Fukushima nuclear complex has caused some increased buying of potassium iodide (KI) and certain seaweed supplements in the US.

Local Cream Cheese in our Deli Department

The Co-op is thrilled to announce that we've started using Hahn's Cream Cheese from Enosburg Fall, Vermont. They source their milk from a 25-30 mile radius of Enosburg, so it's all local. All of our cream cheese flavors will be made using this great local product. Hurray!

Help Japan Recover

Looking for ways to help the recovery effort in Japan? The Cooperative Development Foundation is accepting contributions to assist Japanese cooperatives!

Rock Art Brewery Presents: Pete's Greens Fundraising (Barn Raising!) Beer

These tasty, very limited edition 22oz beers are in the store and holy smokes are they flying out our doors! 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this beer by Rock Art and its distributor, Calmont Beverage, will go to Pete's Greens rebuilding efforts.

If you've been too busy out enjoying all the snow we've had this winter to hear about it, one of our local Vermont produce growers Pete's Greens suffered a tremendous loss when a fire broke out and their barn (the heart of the farm) was completely ruined.

New in Grocery

From Morse Hillside Farm in Westford, Vermont, comes their homemade raspberry vinegar, which is all natural and absolutely delicious on fresh vegetables. It's also wonderful when used as a vinaigrette for salad dressing or as a marinade.

Tenth Annual Maple Open House Weekend

The Tenth Annual Vermont Maple Open House Weekend will be held at sugarhouses throughout Vermont, March 19 and 20, 2011.

The Latest from Clem Nilan, General Manager

Washington DC's cherry blossoms are heading toward full bloom in late March. My sister, who lives in the more northern climes of Seattle, regularly tortures me about the ridiculously early flower bloom. She claims in early March the hellebores, some camellias, and some of the daphnes are in bloom.

New Farmer Training Program at UVM

By Susie Walsh Daloz, Program Director
While we are still deep in the season of root vegetables, wood stoves and shoveling, it is also time to order seeds and daydream about getting dirt under our fingernails.