New Farms for New Americans (NFNA)

New Farms for New Americans (NFNA) is AALV’s gardening and agricultural program. Its mission is to help participants at three levels: 1) access community gardens and gardening resources; 2) learn about farming for a profit in the U.S. and participate in social enterprise sales, or 3) start up a farm business.

The program serves over 90 households from Africa and Asia. Participants have a great wealth of agricultural experience from their homelands. Organic food cultivation is for them an avenue to earn supplemental income as well as to maintain their culture, while supporting their mental and physical well-being. NFNA participants are eager to learn, to adapt, and to continue cultivating organic food in the U.S. NFNA supports these aspirations by linking participants to land, marketing opportunities, training and technical assistance.

Job Summary: 

Member Worker opportunities include:

Photography: Portraits and/or action shots of NFNA trainings/field trips.

Graphic Design: Help NFNA staff create informational and promotional materials.

Writing: Complete blogging, article writing and/or development work.

Agricultural or Marketing Expertise: Work with NFNA staff to design and deliver a NFNA classroom or on-farm training, or field trip.

General Labor: Help move NFNA supplies and equipment on site and set up for summer (May). Help NFNA participants to properly wash, prepare and pack vegetables for wholesale sale/keep records (June-October).

General Support: Assist with seed and plant organization and sales/distribution to participants (May and June).

NEW: seasonal help needed with weeding until end of harvest season (3-4 hours per month)

Contact Info: 

Alisha Laramee