Burlington School Food Project

We are a collaboration of:

Healthy City Youth Initiative/ Friends of Burlington Gardens
City Market
Vermont FEED
Shelburne Farms
Bonnie Acker
Burlington School District

We are school food service with a kick! As a project we are constantly evolving to meet our goal of putting healthy, wholesome and local foods into the hands and mouths of Burlington's school children.

We are trendsetters!  In 2009 we were asked to be part of the USDA's Farm 2 School Team that would serve as a model for other emerging programs across the country.

We are a team of committed individuals who are always looking for ways to promote positive food choices within our schools and throughout or community.

We believe in the importance of being an active player in our local economy.

We believe that a healthy, functioning mind must be fueled by healthy, wholesome foods.

We believe in feeding kids!

Job Summary: 

Community and parent support are essential players in the success of the Burlington School Food Project. We are always looking for assistance with food processing, taste testing, and general outreach.

Contact Info: 

Sarah Heusner - sheusner@bsdvt.org