November & December's South End Featured Artist - Skyler Barthold

My technique is an organic free style with asymmetrical dramatic lines of bold colors. In the past I have studied a range of art Forms: clothing design, ceramics, digital and film, oil, pastel, and now currently, acrylic and spray paint. When I was 18 I apprenticed local artist Fiona Cooper Fenwick for a year, exploring plein air painting, focusing on landscapes with palette knifes and oil. This was the defining moment palette knifes became the staple tool for me in my day to day painting. I found a satisfaction in being able to control how much or how little paint is on the canvas and reveling layered dimensions of contrasting colors. Painting is a release for me, I would like to think the symbols are a language from the higher mind, what you see is how I feel. I paint for myself, it’s my therapy.