June Featured Artist - Chime ZerØ

Hailing from the small town of Derby in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont comes artist Chime ZerØ. Art has always been a passion of Chime ZerØ. Ever since he was old enough to hold a pencil, Chime ZerØ was drawing and painting. He refined his artistic skills throughout his schooling; always doodling in his notebooks. It was in college, where he studied Art History, that Chime ZerØ was influenced and birthed his style. The work of Chime ZerØ is a combination of past artistic movements. He has the fine brush strokes of the Renaissance mixed with the drips and splatters of Abstract Expressionism. Elements of Pop art and Graffiti can be found all throughout his work. Chime ZerØ has a unique flare while staying true to the artistic roots.