Zack Woods Herb Farm

Zack Woods Herb Farm
Zack Woods Herb Farm
278 Mead Rd
Hyde Park, VT

Zack Woods Herb Farm is a certified organic medicinal herb farm and botanical sanctuary where Jeff and Melanie Carpenter and their crew are dedicated to producing the highest quality medicinal herbs for wholesale and retail markets.  40 species of medicinal herbs are grown and wild harvested on 15 acres of land. These herbs are dried in a wood fired drying shed or shipped fresh for herbal extracts, teas, and body care products.  Live native and medicinal potted nursery plants are also produced and sold on this family owned farm.

At City Market, look for Zack Woods dried calendula flowers, nettles, raspberry, and lemon balm in our bulk medicinal herbs section.

Here is an article from the Burlington Free Press about Zack Woods' growing business and some featured recipes.