Vermont Smoke and Cure / 5 Knives

VT Smoke and Cure
Vermont Family Farm for VT Smoke and Cure
10516 Route 116
Hinesburg, VT

Vermont Smoke and Cure has been in existence since 1962 when it was founded by Roland LeFebvre in South Barre under the name "Roland's."  Sticking to their history, Vermont Smoke and Cure still creates a variety of smoked and cured meat products using Vermont maple syrup (sourced from Sweet Retreat in Northfield, VT) and locally grown smoke fuels, corn cobs, and maple wood.  Now located in Hinesburg, Vermont Smoke and Cure offers a myriad of smoked products, from bacon to summer sausage, to meat sticks.

Vermont Smoke and Cure also creates smoked products under the "5 Knives" brand, which denotes which products are made with Vermont grown meat.  The pork used for the 5 Knives brand is currently grown by Greg Finch on Vermont Family Farm in Franklin, VT.  The pigs live on pasture most of the year and are fed supplementary with GMO-free grain.