Tamarack Vermont Sheep Farm

Tamarack Tunis
Tamarack Tunis
913 Young Rd
Corinth, VT

Ben Machin and Grace Bowmer of Tamarack Tunis raise grass-fed lamb from the heritage breed Tunis sheep in Corinth. Tunis is one of the oldest American livestock breeds – the first were brought to America from the Gulf of Tunis in Tunisia to be given to George Washington. John Adams kept Tunis sheep and the breed was popular up until the Civil War when, for various reasons, it was almost completely lost. Ben’s grandfather started raising Tunis in the 1920s and became widely known for his efforts to keep the breed alive at Tamarack Farm in Greenwich, New York. When Ben’s grandfather died in 2006, Ben decided to buy the flock, thus carrying on the family legacy and helping preserve the breed. Ben and Grace’s sheep are rotated to fresh pasture each day during the growing season and live in a timber-framed barn in the winter.