Sweet Happy Farms

Sweet Happy Farms Chicken
Sweet Happy Farms Chicken
McMullen Road
Milton, VT

Sweet Happy Farms is owned and operated by Shawn Sweet in Milton, VT. Shawn's mission is to provide humanely raised and loved chickens for his community.  He started raising his own chickens in 2009 after learning about the practices used in the industrial chicken market. Shawn says that after his first year raising chickens, he learned two things: "one is that I love chickens and the other is that farming is what I'm meant to be doing. I believe that everyone should raise their own food and the ones that cannot, should have access to locally grown happy chickens."  Shawn defines a happy chicken as one that has been raised with care and respect and that all of its needs and instinctual wants are met.  Shawn's chickens are raised on pasture and are fed non-GMO grain from Green Mountain Feed in Berlin, VT.

We currently sell Sweet Happy Farms' whole chickens, and our Meat and Seafood staff are more than happy to custom cut the chicken for you into halves, quarters, or 8 pieces and pack it according to your needs.