Queen City Pops

Queen City Pops photo credit Carol Sullivan
Queen City Pops photo credit Carol Sullivan
PO Box 8473
Burlington, VT

Queen City Pops was started in 2014 by Sarah Carson after she studied with an accomplished chocolatier in Michigan in 2011.  Queen City Pops are frozen truffle pops that are best described as a frozen chocolate truffle on a stick, with a creamy ganache filling and a crisp chocolate coating.  The regular flavors are milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, mint crunch, peanut butter, and dairy-free coconut, and throughout the year, seasonal flavors are highlighted.  Just like City Market, Queen City Pops is committed to strengthening our local community and economy.  They do so by buying as many ingredients as possible from Vermont and by using Vermont-based businesses for their micellaneous business needs (such as label printing and insurance).  They are also committed to purchasing their chocolate from environmentally and socially conscious growers in South America.  And bonus! The popsicle sticks are compostable!

We're proud to be the first retail location to sell Queen City Pops.  You can also find Queen City Pops at the Burlington Farmers' Market and at their Waterfront cart.

*Photos courtesy of Carol Sullivan