Orb Weaver Farm

Orb Weaver
Orb Weaver
Fruits & Vegetables
3406 Lime Kiln Rd
New Haven , VT

Orb Weaver Farm is a beautiful small dairy farm with 7 Jersey cows. The farm makes 2 cheeses from their milk – the Orb Weaver Farmhouse Cheese and the Orb Weaver Cave-Aged Cheese. When farmers use milk exclusively from their own cows to make cheese, it's called "farmhouse cheese." Farmers Marjorie Susman and Marian Pollack started their New Haven farm in 1981, naming their farm after the orb weaver spider that makes delicate, symmetrical webs. Marjorie and Marian built a cave from local stone on their farm a few years back, creating the perfect environment to age their cave-aged cheese.

Try their cave-aged cheese in this amazing recipe: “Nockerln” (Little Dumplings) with Asparagus!