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2076 East St
Bridport, VT

Ben and Theresa Gleason grow certified organic wheat in Bridport, VT, carrying forward a centuries’ old tradition of growing wheat in the Champlain Valley. The farm sells us whole wheat berries. They also provide us with flour, which they produce at the farm, milling the wheat berries with a stone mill.

The Champlain Valley has a great history of growing wheat – the region was regarded as the bread basket of New England back in the 1800’s, growing up to 40,000 acres a year. Economics became less favorable for growing wheat in the later half of the 19th century and today Ben is one only a handful of farmers growing wheat in Vermont.

Ben produces whole wheat bread flour and whole wheat pastry flour. Bread flour is high in protein and great for yeast breads. His pastry flour is fabulous for cookies, cakes, pancakes, and quick breads.

Ben also sifts some of the bran out of both the bread and the pastry flour, making two flours that are a little less dense than 100% whole wheat but that retain most of their nutritious germ and bran (look for “Snake Mountain” sifted bread flour and “Lemon Fair” sifted pastry flour on our shelves).

Check out Ben’s recipe for whole wheat pancakes made with his Lemon Fair sifted pastry flour!