Champlain Orchards

Champlain Orchards
Champlain Orchards
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Fruits & Vegetables
3497 VT Route 74 W
Shoreham, VT

Located on a beautiful hilltop in the Champlain Valley, Champlain Orchards grows over 25 delicious varieties of apples, plums, cherries and raspberries. Bill Suhr, owner & orchardist, purchased and began farming this land when he was 27 and has worked with other Shoreham growers to learn the delicacy of this trade. As a 100 year-old family-owned and operated farm, Champlain Orchards strives to preserve the best traditions of Vermont apple farming, while tapping the best of new farming advances. In this spirit, they grow both old time New England varieties such as the Northern Spy, and new delicious flavors such as Honeycrisp and Zesta.

The orchard works to supply Vermont with local apples all year round by using the Shoreham Coop’s state-of-the-art atmosphere control facility. Apples from the fall harvest are placed in a control room and are brought to a suspended state. This is done by changing the consistency of nitrogen in the air to 4%, which preserves the apples naturally.

Champlain Orchards apples, cider, pies, cider doughnuts, apple butter and applesauce are available at City Market and their farmstand is seasonally stocked with an abundance of fresh veggies!