Health Notes

Help for Dry, Itchy Feet

Vermont winters require warm boots to be worn daily and the result by summer time is often dry, cracking feet that could definitely smell a lot better!  If you cringe at the thought of sporting a pair of sandals and have itchy toes, you might have a mild case of athlete’s foot. 

Supplement Diet with Vitamin D

If you are trying hard to lose pounds and to keep your bones strong, but you still are overweight and suffer from IBS, consideration of additional Vitamin D is a good idea. 

City Market’s Herbal Clinic Expands

The popular free Herbal Clinic held each month at City Market is now expanding to twice a month.

City Market’s New Line of Vitamins and Supplements: 10 top reasons we chose Vitamer labs.

City Market’s new vitamin and supplement line has been unveiled in the Co-op’s Wellness department. Grocery and Wellness Manager Lynn Ellen Schimoler explains in more detail as to why she chose to work with Irvine, California based Vitamer Labs.

Burlington is named the Healthiest City in the U.S.!

City Market, Onion River Co-op downtown Burlington's grocery store is referred to in national media. Check out the entire story!