Health Notes

Stressed Around the Holidays?

It is easy to simply grab another cup of coffee, a donut or skip that aerobics class because of the busy holiday season. Allowing yourself quiet moments for a walk, a cup of tea and skipping the soda and sugar is the first step to not only practicing self-discipline but also helping your long-term path to better health. 

Make-Up for Those with Rosacea or Acne-Prone Skin

City Market carries a great line of make-up products for people suffering from rosacea or acne prone skin called Larenim (mineral spelled backwards).  It is made of 100% minerals and is free of any talc (which leaches moisture from the skin & can permanently stretch the pore walls), dyes, oils, or chemicals.  It is also vegan! 

Vegetarians and MeB-12

Vegetarians may find it wise to supplement their diet with methylcobalamin (MeB 12) which is form of the B-12 vitamin.  Indeed, this vitamin is found heavily in red meats and most animal sources but there are no known sources of this vitamin in vegetables. 

Help for Dry, Itchy Feet

Vermont winters require warm boots to be worn daily and the result by summer time is often dry, cracking feet that could definitely smell a lot better!  If you cringe at the thought of sporting a pair of sandals and have itchy toes, you might have a mild case of athlete’s foot. 

Supplement Diet with Vitamin D

If you are trying hard to lose pounds and to keep your bones strong, but you still are overweight and suffer from IBS, consideration of additional Vitamin D is a good idea.