Bakery Department - Bagels, Wraps, etc

Local Bagels

Our bakery department is filled each day with fresh breads, pastries, muffins and other delicious delicacies baked by our staff and local bakeries. We carry an extensive line of fresh artisanal breads.


(delivered fresh daily)

  • Bagel Cafe & Deli, Burlington
  • Myers Bagels, Burlington


Pita Breads & Wraps

  • Andalos, Ville St. Laurent, QC - delivered Thursdays
  • Boulangerie Bistan, Roxboro, QC - delivered Thursdays
  • Cedars, Ward Hill, MA - delivered Wednesdays
  • Josephs, Lawrence, MA - delivered Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays